Star Wars Shields

I was thinking recently that I never really dealt with Star Wars shields because they're so many, varied, and odd.  

Turns out that's not entirely true.  I just found an old post of mine from 2009 in which I try to link up a few of the many disparate shield types that existed at the time:

It's been my assumption that various shields act differently, which is not a bad thing really. 
Using your list and making my additions: 
-0. TPM TradeFed Landing Bay shield - invisible, generator unknown, does not block ships but does apparently contain air.
-1. TPM Gungan shield - linkable, 'watery' pink from a blue 'streamer' generator, does not block matter but blocks incoming fire
-2. Droideka shields - not linkable (they always stay out of one another's way), blue bubble, blocks its own types of bolts inbound, and apparently outbound too given that it pokes its guns out. Can be penetrated by matter both ways (in the Blue Shadow Virus eps, Ahsoka hops on one and kills it by poking her deactivated lightsaber through it). Starts small then gets bigger right through the hull of the droideka.
-3. Naboo fighter shields - almost skintight, brief distortion on activation then not visible, reflected blaster fire, may or may not have allowed matter through in the form of a run-down droid (it's hard to tell), no other discernible effect. Flashed on in place and at correct size.
-4. TPM Naboo reactor whatever shields - planar, red distortion visible, stopped lightsabers and presumably matter. Odd projector mechanism.
-5. Invisible Hand landing bay shield - planar, blue distortion visible. Stopped airflow, no other known effect.
-6. Invisible Hand "ray shield" - complex-shaped, white distortion visible. Lethal, stopped matter (presumably), lightsabers, and possibly even Force.
-7. Separatist Battlesphere Reactor Room security shield - planar, red distortion, very similar to Naboo reactor shield. Described as "ray shield".
-8. Blockade Runner shield - invisible, may have caused splintering of inbound turbolaser bolts
-9. OT Fighter deflectors - invisible, non-obvious effect
-10. Death Star landing bay magnetic field - planar?, invisible, allowed matter passage but not airflow.
-11. Death Star enveloping magnetic field - spherical?, invisible, allowed shielded fighter passage
-12. Death Star exhaust port shield - If it even could've been visible (e.g. we don't know where it is exactly), it was not visible. Allowed passage of matter but not turbolaser/blaster fire.
-13. Hoth theater shield - invisible, unknown shape, unknown visibility (apparently invisible or with only weak distortion). Apparently allowed matter through on the surface (if it even existed there), but had to be turned off for ships and ion cannon fire going upward. Strong enough to withstand any Death Squadron bombardment.
-14. Home One landing bay - unknown shield type, identical apparent behavior to DS1 landing bay
-15. DS2 Endor shield - remotely projected spherical shield, large dish projector, matter destroyed on impact, allowed outbound weapons fire, inbound laser fire results never tested.
-16. Separatist Ground Shield - (forgot to add this earlier) - looks like Gungan shield, does not block matter (non-lethal) but does block inbound energy weapons and possibly some weaker outbound. 
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. 
From those, we could easily posit several different types of shield.

My guess as to grouping and nomenclature
"Magnetic Field" - 0, 10, 11 (enhanced), 14
"Localized Magnetic Field" - 2, 5 . . . not sure what else to call this group. Just weird.
"Standard Shield" - 3, 8, 9, and *maybe* 15
"Ray Shield" - 4, 6, 7, 12
"Ground Shield" - 1, 16, and *maybe* 13 provided there was n     

And no, I don't know what the rest of that sentence was supposed to be . . . it wasn't there.

Not a bad top-of-the-head list, but in retrospect I see a few iffy parts.   In any case, there might be enough to start building on here.   One detail that sprung to mind recently, though, when watching the final season of The Clone Wars on Netflix is that a shield just like #6 was not lethal, so apparently there are still more variables to Star Wars shields than what is suggested above.

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