The StarfleetJedi Scare

There are but a handful of forums I visit on geeky topics, and frabkly there aren't many devoted to the topic.  Oh, sure, there's Spacebattles and SufficientVelocity, but those are so wide-ranging that the signal-to-noise ratio is atrocious from my perspective, given that I'm not one who cares about three-way match-ups between Guardians of the Galaxy and Goku and Go-Bots.  Also, I generally prefer smaller, cozier forums where one is not drowned out by the sheer mass of posts.

Of the handful I visit, only one is properly dedicated to the Star Trek vs. Star Wars topic, and that's the forum at StarfleetJedi.Net.  (The main site's cool, too.)

(Of course, as dead as StarDestroyer.Net's topical forums are nowadays, I suppose it might also fill my 'smaller, cozier' idea to some extent ... oftentimes there are more active discussions and posts on the Vs. Debate at SFJ than at SDN!  There's also ASVS.org, but it's so dead it was offline for a month and I'm not sure anyone but me noticed.)

Unfortunately, SFJ's webhosts were moving things about and really frakked up the forum.  There appeared a distunct possibility there for a bit that it couldn't be properly reconstructed.

The loss to the Vs. Debate would've been far more profound than the death of the STrek-v-SWars forum from so long ago.  There are hundreds of amazing threads there by some of the greatest experts on the topic, a treasure trove of some of the best and most well-researched analyses you'll find anywhere.

Oh, and I have a lot of my bullcrap spewed there, too.

Happily, JMS's tender loving care had the forum back up within a few days.

Let's all give the proper response:


Unknown said...

Yes, I'm applauding heartily! After several weeks of absence I went back to SFJ.net only to find it down. Very happy to see it back up. In the mean time, while I wait for my account to be reinstated, I'll pester you at your house, and see if I can figure out this google/blogger sign-in thing...

-Darth Spock

Author said...

You are planet. Welcome!