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Anonymous said...

I don't get what is there to discuss. Here is a quote of George Lucas from your very page:
"It's not about Darth Vader or the saga, it just takes place in that world. It's like the spin-off novels. I'm not doing it, other people are doing it."

Even if the final plot and actual setting of the TV series change it is abundantly clear that Lucas considers both the upcoming series and the spin-off nowels to be a part of the same world.

Not only that but you actually hear him in ROTS DVD commentary as he states that Anakin's scar will be explained in the novels. Obviously that isn't possible if the EU is some other universe.

Author said...

I don't get why you disagree. Didn't you see the Starlog quote, the Cinescape quote, et cetera? Have you read the Star Wars canon overview? Every time he's asked the question specifically he replies the same way. You can take a general quote about the TV show and try to imagine he's saying what you want him to say, but you can't just ignore everything else in favor of your manufactured anomaly.

Further, my understanding is that the scar-explained-in-novels thing is based solely on a reported joke from Pablo Hidalgo's Ep3 set blog. I'm sure someone would've mentioned it by now if it had been in the DVD commentary.

Author said...

And oh yes, I forgot . . . I do enjoy how selective you are with your quoting. Here's another comment he's made about the TV show:

"It's a spin-off, it doesn't involve any of the key characters. It's a different world unto itself between episodes three Revenge of the Sith; and four Star Wars: A New Hope"


Got another anomaly to try to ignore everything else with, or would you care to actually learn about the Star Wars canon?

Anonymous said...

The worst elements are the ones were key information found in higher canon sources literally nix a whole pan of the EU, like for example how the DS firing at Alderaan was the very first time the weapon was ever used (ANH novel, p. 106).
The text is just damn clear. What's to argue? It's even less disputable than the Fett case, which was solely based on an out of universe quote. There, it is in the canon.
How many stories does that throw out of the window? How many other EU stories were more or less influenced by the events in those EU stories which involved the DS being fired before Alderaan?
How can you consider that the EU is happening in the same continuity then?

Some days, I feel generous, and telling myself that I can accept the EU, but just leave out what contradicts it, like Saxton's wank, but when you think about it, there are times when it's just all blue or all red, there is no in between, and the EU simply can't be logically possible in the existence of higher canon. You have to ignore parts of the higher canon in order to maintain the EU's validity.

Which in fact means that the EU will never be "meshable" with the higher canon anyway, no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes there are many quotes over the years some of which can be interpreted in different ways.
However I still see no way of novels explaining the background from the films (like Anakin's) scar if they are a different universe.

And as for EU writing stories which contradict the canon so what? In some ST episodes they said Bajor has no moons and then later we have an episode with the Bajor moon. Are we going to discard an entire episode because of it? Or are we going to simply conclude that one line about Bajor not having moons is wrong.

Anonymous said...

By the way what would it take for you to recognize the new TV series as part of SW universe? Lucas as director? Lucas as writer? Only as a producer? What if he directs only some episodes, are only those select few be "canon"?

Author said...

So wait, you ask me what it would take for me to recognize the new TV show as canon (implying a closed mind on my part), yet when you're corrected about your scar claim and reminded of all the "parallel universe" and other quotes you disregard them and keep talking about the scar?

Your audacity with the closed-mind implication is quite striking, o ye of closed mind.

In any case, if you wish to continue, why don't you take it to CanonWars.com, where such things belong?

Anonymous said...

I would probably adopt the position that these are probably the clearest windows into the SW universe, but they still need to be taken with a grain of salt.