Leonard McCoy ... call him Flash, not Bones

I just realized something that had never occurred to me before. I've also misplaced my tongue, though I think it might be hiding in my cheek . . .

You see, in Star Trek V, we see McCoy watching Kirk climb El Capitan. Take a look at the last pic on TrekCore's screencaps page to see how far away McCoy is:

Caps by TrekCore.com

His distance is also confirmed by the angle at which he holds the little Starfleet binoculars . . . pretty close to level instead of close to straight up. And the image through the binoculars is also confirmation . . . Kirk's area being climbed is viewed from closer to level than as if from below. Both of these can be seen in TrekCore's Chapter Two of screenshots from the film.

A few minutes later, Spock's doing his little jetboot happy dance, distracting Kirk and causing a fall. The fall takes mere seconds . . . McCoy starts running from his position toward the mountain as soon as the fall begins.

Spock and his amazing technicolor jetboots manage to save Kirk, and moments after the fall is stopped mere feet from the ground McCoy comes running up at a jog.

Surely, though, he must've gone faster than a standard human jog to make that kind of distance. He had to have run a mile or two at least, and had to have done so in well under a minute, give or take. This implies running speeds of no less than 100km/h (60mph), and probably two or three times that at least.

No wonder Dax still fondly remembered his hands. If he could move his legs that fast, just imagine what he could do with his fingers. ;)


Anonymous said...

The Federation has an underground drug culture!!

Think about it. McCoy goes 60, a pill that lets you grow a new kidney, injections that keep you from getting pregnant for both men and women, humans kicking the asses of klingons with brute strength and worry about fighting them in hand-to-hand from time to time, the federation loosing against the klingons in a long, drawn out fight with ships in the alternate timeline (they don't have enough drugs for that).

They use drugs and the rest of the medical technology helps prevent dependency and addiction from long term use. Why do you think there's so many rehabilitation centers? It's chemical castration! But, it doesn't always work. No wonder people say the Federation is full of hippies! ;-P

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just remembered to use the transporter partway through the run?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this fact worked into a pro-trek argument somehow.
"Well, analysis of the El Capitan scene from Trek 5 shows that aging doctors can run 60mph... So federation soldiers should be able to run 200-300 MPH. Federation Sprinters can make it to Mach 2.
Clearly the federation has an advantage in ground combat as they can disorient their attackers with sonic booms!"

Author said...

Federation Sprinters can make it to Mach 2.

I laughed so hard I damn near choked to death.