Braga on Coto's Enterprise

So he finally gets it, does he?

Although Coto dismissed a fan’s comment that he "saved the show", with the writer noting "I didn’t think it needed saving, I liked the show." But Braga was not so kind to himself, saying to Coto "I did think your season was the best season" and going on to say "that is what Enterprise should have been from the beginning."

Coto brought Braga on to 24 as his bitch, so presumably Braga's had the benefit of watching how Coto rolls. 

In my opinion, Braga is a wacky guy with lots of ideas, but he's more than a little loony-tunes (which is okay in Hollywood) and requires restraint and logical grounding.  That's why he and Ron Moore worked well as a team . . . Moore was the former Navy guy with a logic streak, and Braga was the potsmokin' hippie.    Braga enhanced Moore's ideas and Moore made Braga's ideas work.   Left to his own devices and/or with Berman, Braga just couldn't cut it.  

I'd imagine Coto is a good Moore-esque character for Braga.


Razorgeist said...

You say potsmoking hippy like its a bad thing.

Unknown said...

Braga's the one who turned Voyager into the "Ship of the Week/ Seven of Nine show" with his Jeri Ryan/Mary Sue casting-couch ethics. He should fry slowly.