Tokyo Makes Holodeck; Civilization Ends

Well, now . . . that didn't take especially long.  I suppose warp drive will be online next Tuesday.

So with touchable holograms a reality, you know good and well that guys . . . especially those freaky Japanese guys . . . are gonna start having carnal knowledge of holographic chicks, perhaps even bypassing the leather-clad robo-whores altogether.  And, of course, in the process of getting to the point where there's enough of them to go around, somebody will figure out how to program it for an adaptive approach to greatest pleasuring.   Finally, the technology will end up exported and guys . . . especially those freaky Earth guys . . . will have trouble getting anything done anymore.

While I'm sure this ultrasonic holography doesn't match fine textures and whatnot, that probably won't matter to most males.  That said, there is a clear distinction between it and the Trek holodeck.  This can produce a small sense of pressure, but I rather doubt it can produce any real push as from a solid object, the sort of thing involved in a penetration.   Thus, while guys are all out banging holo-hookers, the women will be left the task of (a) running civilization and (b) feeling left out.   Thus they will easily cast off the dead weight (males would be too distracted to note the murderesses until it was too late) and simply start reproducing on their own.  

No doubt the holo-hookers will be used to scrub plasma conduits or something.


Unknown said...

"Futurama" covered this already, i.e. that realistic sex-robots would end civilization. However I favor the "Seinfeld scenario," i.e. once the male brain was freed from having to figure out ways how to obtain sex, it would be put to constructive use and make every man into a super-genius; meanwhile women would become utter morons once sex was no longer easy for them.

Anonymous said...

Even though I know you're both joking, this reminds me of people who thought, shortly after the steam engine came into general use, that going over 30 or 40 miles an hour in such a vehicle would be fatal...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Actually it's proven that men become stupid while trying to get a beautiful woman, since their brains become focused on that.
But the same doesn't happen for women.
( http://www.lewrockwell.com/spl/men-lose-minds-pretty-women.html )

This indicates that "Seinfeld" was right-- and so men will become geniuses from holosuites, since their brains will be freed completely; meanwhile women will become idiots.