Scalzi - Bad Design in SW

While it is terribly easy for any loser to start critiquing things off the cuff without having any real sense of what was going on to begin with (ref.  ST-v-SW.Net, SDN, Olbermann, ad infinitum), this John Scalzi fellow* has a few good points about Star Wars.

Next up, he says, Star Trek.

(*Unlike most run-of-the-mill sci-fi losers this fellow has some street cred . . . he's a Hugo Award winner, for instance, meaning he's a professional loser.

That said, there's always a touch of bad taste when even a very talented unknown pooh-poohs the popular thing of his own genre.   You really need to be an outsider for that to play well.  Though they're hardly unknown, that same reasoning applies to Scalzi and Brin, and even moreso to untalented unknowns like this loser who I've previously pooh-poohed here, making me some awe-inspiring Over-Meta-Loser.)

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Anonymous said...

Whilst I'm afraid I do have to agree with this guy, you could perform the same "bad design choice" rundown for ANY sci-fi universe... Lest we forget the ever famous "exploding console" phenonemon on Star Trek (but then again, Wars also had a version of that in the form of exposed wires bursting through a damaged wall into a walkway)