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On a Reddit group entitled "TheyDidTheMath" someone was inquiring about the number of tribbles calculated by Spock at K-7, and someone shared my Volumetrics page.   This led to a review of the page that pleased me greatly:
Also? If you're a fan of volume, calculating volume, or stuff like that ... that's a fun page to read. If you're a fan of sci-fi and wondered "How big is X?" they've got dozens of different ships from different universes broken down in a standardized format. This is the kind of math that glistens. You know shit got real when there's 14 paragraphs of methodology and notes before you even see a number, then 58+ footnotes.
Thank you jayman419 for making my day.

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Also, here was the original post of that thread just so I have the numbers noted:

So a classic star trek episode is "Trouble with Tribbles". Those fluff balls multiply like crazy and near the climax of the episode Spock estimates that there would be 1,771,000 tribbles between Enterpris/space station given the breeding parameters. assuming that the tribles are ~ 30cmx15cmx15cm that means that the tribble population would take up a volume of 11954.25 m3 or 14.28 International space stations. considering that neither the Enterprise nor the station have a single solid layer of tribbles in the scene, I think someone at NBC didn't do the math