Fark Results

The Fark event resulted in an extra 12,500 people Tuesday . . . certainly not the worst linkstorm ever weathered.

15.3% of my monthly bandwidth has been consumed. While that sounds like a big chunk, though, one must consider that May 2005 . . . a banner month thanks to the end of Enterprise and the end of Star Wars . . . only managed to take up 39.7%.

Or, in other words, I have significant reserves, though I obviously couldn't maintain such a pace over any length of time. (Those who remember the short-lived phpBB board will recall the bandwidth concern. Over three days 15% was consumed there, too, but . . . unlike a Fark event . . . that was going to be a continuous drain and unsustainable pace.)

I can report that I once again received no negative feedback responses, but then I've received no feedback at all. Curiously, I've received zilch since Tuesday, but I did just test the system and it is working.

All in all, it was a non-event, and I wouldn't even have noticed had I not been informed by someone who goes to SD.Net. About the only thing that would concern me now bandwidth-wise would be a slashdotting . . . not that I'd have a chance to comment on it, because I'd probably be down within a day or two.

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