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As of a couple of weeks ago and until further notice, there will be no new pages on ST-v-SW.Net. I intend to focus on clean-ups, rewrites, and incomplete projects (such as the big glaring one of the SW canon pages rewrite), so that perhaps I can feel like I'm getting *something* done with this hobby that I hardly seem to have enough time for these days.

For instance, I have two or three guest author works that I've hardly had a chance to touch, and several other things I've been meaning to do. Of course, those pages will be "new" in the sense they've never been seen before, but they won't be "new-new".

The one exception is a page (or pages) dealing with the sizing of Star Wars vessels. There have been some very interesting questions raised over at Strek-v-Swars.Net about the commonly-accepted sizes lately, and given the profound bearing the issue of scale can have I feel that to be one of the more important matters of the debate. And, as you might imagine, it would hardly make sense to go to all the trouble of cleaning up the site only to have to go back and revise umpteen pages should it be discovered that an ISD is not 1600 meters.

Anyway, that's going to be primarily what's going on now. Just FYI.


Anonymous said...

Can't say I'm glad of no new pages,but what has to be done has to be done.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

could it be possible for you to notify on the main page when you update pages? I am very interested in updates, also.

Author said...

Yeah, I'll definitely keep it noted. But, I have realized that I have a few pages which I started and then stopped back in the day, so I might go back and finish those up as part of the cleanup project. So, you might see new pages after all . . . they're just not new to me. :)

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Anonymous said...

G2K, Do you use the Official Star Trek Encyclopedia (or whatever it's called, the fortnightly magazine thing that went into the binders) for any of your research?

If not, Would you like me to try and look for stuff for you?

Author said...

I think you're thinking of the Fact Files . . . and no, I don't use it. Thanks, though.