I'll be keeping an eye on the bandwidth, but I figure it'll be fine. In the meantime, I can't help with agree with the entirety of this person's response . . . well, after the first paragraph, that is:

I am an admitted sf geek. I've visited stardestroyer.net and St-vs-Sw or whatever it is one time each. Never again.

Mike Wong is to whacko Star Wars fans as Chick Young is to whacko fundy Christians. Hard to believe uber-obsessive Star Wars zealots like him exist, makes me wonder about the emotional dysfunctions that led to him becoming so pathetic.

Besides, any real SF fan knows the very best stuff isn't in the movies, but in the independent, non-franchise novels. Stuff like Dan Simmons' Hyperion, Charles Streoss' Singularity Sky, Ring by Stephen Baxter, and just about anything by Niven, Brin, Clarke or Asimov blow anything created by either Lucas or Roddenberry completely out of the water.

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